Welcome to HerVenture!

Hi There, and welcome to HerVenture! I wanted to use this first post to introduce myself and why I started HerVenture.

My name is Danielle (although most people call me 'Dani') and I've spent the majority of my career in HR, where I have worn many hats including; recruiting, talent mobility, training and development, employee relations, benefits, immigration, and acting as a strategic business partner. The reason I got into (and stayed) in HR is because I love helping people feel empowered at work. I've realized of the years the work has evolved to being more than place to go to earn some money. It has transformed for many into an identity, independence, and if we are lucky a passion. However, I've also realized that as women, we face some unique challenges where the 9-5 (or for some of us 7-10), doesn't work. This is why I started HerVenture. I wanted to create a place to help women find ways to work differently. HerVenture provides women with flexible career opportunities, career resources, advice and insights, and a network of women who want to redefine how women see 'work'.

Thanks for stopping by and I am excited to start this HerVenture with all of you!