Podcast Roundup

Ladies, I have a confession. I am loving this new wave of podcasts that are making an appearance right now. They almost make my 405 commute enjoyable. I feel like I have the opportunity to learn something or be involved in a conversation from my car. My favorite these days are (no surprise) about entrepreneurship and women in business. I also have a few wild cards that I listen to just for kicks.

Here are my current Podcast Roundups:

  1. Second-Life - Hillary Kerr, the co-founder of Clique Brands (WhoWhatWear, MyDomaine, Byrdie) with women who have had a career 180.

Favorite Episode: Tracy Sun, Poshmark Co-Founder

  1. GirlBoss Radio - Girlboss’ Sophia Amoruso interviews women out there killing it. Expect real questions and real answers, and funny commentary along the way.

Favorite Episode: Interview with Aimee Song

  1. NPR’s How I Built This - This podcast, hosted by Guy Raz talks to entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and products about their path to building some of the biggest brands out there.

Favorite Episode: Sarah Blakely and Spanx

  1. The Goop Podcast - This one made my list purely based on the first episode which features the queen herself, Oprah Winfrey. It. Is. So. Good.The podcast brings in industry experts to touch on subjects from spiritual healing to postpartum anxiety.

Favorite Episode: Gwyneth X Oprah: Power, Perception, and Soul Purpose

My Wildcard

  1. Lore - Fun Fact: I love weird dark history. Lore is the perfect combination. Think campfire ghost stories that gives the background on some of the most popular folklore stories we know today.

Favorite Episode: Going Viral #56