Kicking Off: Job Highlight Series

Job Highlight Series

When I was about 16, my mom started cutting out articles from the wedding section of the newspaper and leaving them on the kitchen counter for me to read before school. At first, I was a little confused because, well... I was 16 and even though I grew up in the south, I didn’t think my mom would be the type to advocate for teen marriage. Come to find out, she wanted me to see the types of jobs the men and women had to increase my exposure to what was available to me. I am now in my 30’s and she still mails me the wedding cutouts from the Tampa Tribune when she comes across a cool job she thinks I should know about.

So, in honor of my mama and because I strongly believe that as women we need exposure to what’s available to us, I want to start a monthly job highlight series. This series will shine a light on interesting jobs and share a little bit about the day to day of the role.

If you have a cool job that you’d like to be featured in our Job cut outs, please let us know in the comments!

Kicking us off, today’s job highlight:  Business Development Manager

Featuring: Laine Melendy, eMerge Technologies

Give us an overview of what you do.

My job is to reach out to companies to help them know more about how Emerge can help them to unlock the full potential of NetSuite through customization, integration, and eCommerce support.

What does a typical day look like?

Most days, I work from my home office building a pipeline of potential companies who may be interested in Emerge. I use tracking software to input data about the companies I call and if there is an interest, I set up follow up meetings so that we can meet to discuss solutions in person. I really like talking with new people and being in business development allows me to do this every day.

What skills or experience makes someone successful in this role?

Positive attitude, for every ‘yes’ you receive you are going to hear 20 ‘no’s’. You have to be persistent and have great communication skills. The key is to try to use your product to solve a problem, so having a good understanding of what your selling and being a great problem solver is key.

Any advice for someone looking to be a Business Development Manager?

Sales isn’t for everyone but it is an important skill for everyone to have in their back pocket. If you are looking to get into business development, know that cold calling isn’t an imposition but rather just a future solution to a problem the person you are calling on may be having. It’s also important to do some research on the people you are calling on.