Co-Work it

Working from home sounds like a dream in theory. You can stay in your jammies all day, hang out with your dog, and miss out on long stressful commutes. In my experience, I love working from home… for about a day, until I realize that I haven’t moved from my kitchen table in 13 hours or brushed my teeth, and my dog is starting to answer all of my rhetorical “who’s a good boy” questions.

Working differently can often mean that are working in an untraditional workspace, like a home office or when you need the distraction of people a coffee shop. The natural breaks that occur in office space of going to meetings or grabbing lunch, just don’t happen. Not too mention, you miss interacting with people IRL.

So, how do you overcome the WFH Blues? I introduce to you, the co-work space! Not only does a co-work space provide a location for you to set up shop and a reason to put on real clothes, but co-working spaces these days offer the opportunity to meet other people working differently and many sponsor events or bring in speakers.

Here are a few of my favorites. If you have a local co-work space you love that’s not listed, please let us know in the comments.

The Wing - I couldn’t love this place more. This is a women only workspace, whose mission is ‘the advancement of women through community.’ They currently have locations in New York and DC, with more locations coming soon in LA, San Francisco, Toronto, London Chicago and Seattle. The Wing’s amenities include workspace, showers, networking events, lactation rooms, a library, food and drinks, conference rooms, and a beauty space.

Yoni Circle - If you are in LA, here is one of my favorites. Based out of Venice, CA, this co-work space isn’t your traditional WeWork. They offer a creative space that is a homebase for women as “they grow their business and manifest their dreams.” Yoni Circle is easy on the wallet with monthly passes at $150.

Galvanize - For you tech ladies, Galvanize for you.This co-work space is for tech companies of all shapes, sizes, and stages, who need different resources including knowledge, mentors, and introductions, based on the current stage of their company. They have locations in Austin, Boulder, Denver, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle. You will get access to mentors, talent to help execute a project, and entrepreneurial resources.

Alkaloid Networks - Based in Atlanta, this co-working space is bright and offers a space for those that need a full-time spot to grow their businesses. The space is focuses on building community and their amenities include comfortable dedicated workspaces, conference rooms, showers, coffee and 24/7 access.