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Co-Work it

Working from home sounds like a dream in theory. You can stay in your jammies all day, hang out with your dog, and miss out on long stressful commutes. In my experience, I love working from home… for about a day, until I realize that I haven’t moved from my kitchen table in 13 hours or brushed my teeth, and my dog is starting to answer all of my rhetorical “who’s a good boy” questions.

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Network Like a Boss

Let me start this by saying, I am the most extroverted introvert that you will ever meet. I took a traits test recently where I scored a “9” on ‘outgoing’ and a “1” on ‘interested in social events’. The instructor had never seen that result before but I laughed a little because it was me to a T. I love people but hate the pressure of being in social situations, especially work social situations. As you can imagine, this makes the whole networking thing a little difficult.

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